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Self-Floating Hose (AQUA)

  • These are self-floating hoses from Aqua that remain floating even when filled with water.
  • These are made with UV-resistant EVA material.
  • Capable of easily connecting with both manual and automatic pool cleaners making cleaning effortless.

Plastic Bottom Brush (ASTRAL)

  • Special design cleaning brush from Astral.
  • Ideal for cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool.
  • Made with shark grey polypropylene material and rough white bristles for heavy-duty cleaning.

Telescopic Handles (AQUA)

  • Telescopic handles with aluminium.
  • Suitable for brushes, pool cleaners, skimmers, etc.

Metal Pool Cleaners (Aqua)

  • Made with reliable and strong aluminium metal.
  • Robust and heavy-duty cleaners for the bottom of swimming pools.
  • Comes with internal ballast, brushes, and wheels for mobility.
  • Hose inlet of Ø 38.

Shark Rectangular Pool Cleaners

  • Shark triangular pool cleaner is made with ABS polymer.
  • Primed with a hose of 2 diameters (Ø 32-38).
  • White polypropylene brush for cleaning.
  • Can be fixed to a telescopic handle of a clip or wing nut system.

  • Flexible range of Astral pool cleaners for commercial and domestic uses.
  • Specially designed 8-wheel cleaners for convenient cleaning of concrete surfaces.
  • Primed vacuum heads.
  • Reinforced handles for reliability.
  • Wide range of cleaners in this series for a variety of purposes.

Shark Oval Pool Cleaner

  • Code#40997
  • Shark oval pool cleaner is made with ABS polymer.
  • Primed with a hose of 2 diameters (Ø 32-38).
  • White polypropylene brush for cleaning.
  • Can be fixed to a telescopic handle of a clip or wing nut system.

Shark Flexible Pool Cleaner

  • Code#36618
  • This is a flexible pool cleaner of the Shark series from Astral.
  • A reliable and effective tool for cleaning sand and other small pollutants from the bottom of the pool.
  • Made with high resistance polyethene (EVA).
  • Comes with a hose connection of 2 diameters (Ø 32-38).

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners: S-Series

  • Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaning S-Series is one of the best pool cleaning robots in the industry at the moment.
  • Manufactured by MyTronics, one of the leading companies in the robotic pool cleaning business ensures reliability and efficiency.
  • Primed with the safest and most advanced components offer an effortless cleaning experience.
  • These to-access filtration systems are easy to empty and clean.
  • Being lightweight makes them ideal for handling and reduces the risk of breakage.
  • Dual-level filtration for debris and fine dirt cleaning. 
  • Both cleaning systems are very easy to wash and store.
  • PowerSteam Mobility System ensures complete coverage of the pool leaving no dirty spots behind. 
  • A very reliable option for cleaning the walls of the pool.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner: M-Series

  • Tell your worries goodbye with the Dolphin M-series robotic pool cleaner. Enjoy the hassle-free remote-controlled and non-intervention pool cleaning from the comfort of your chair. 
  • Dolphin robotic pool cleaner ensures tangle-free cleaning with their swivel cables. There swivel make sure that the cleaner moves freely and covers every nook and corner of the surface. 
  • These advanced and state-of-the-art cleaners come with the latest scanning software along with gyroscopic sensors to make the navigation process precise and efficient. 
  • The dual-drive motor of the cleaner offers peerless mobility regardless of the surface.
  • Dolphin cleaners have dual-level filtering capabilities. They come with a net filter for debris and an ultra-fine filter cartridge for removing rough dirt and leaving a fine and sparkling surface. 

Deepwater Leaf Skimmers

Code#36614 These are specially designed leaf skimmers that can be used on the surface and underwater. Deepwater leaf skimmers are

Water Surface Leaf Skimmers

Code#36613 Leafs falling into a swimming pool might be the most common issue and cleaning them is a frustrating task.