A-Pool Top EVO PH-CL Pre-Assembled Panels (AQUA)

  • A pre-assembled control panel for private pools of capacity up to 0-500 ppm with customized public pool solution available for the capacity of 2500ppm.
  • It is used for the proportional regulation of pH and chlorine.
  • The panel contains:
    • N.2 AE START pH-Rx
    • N.2 HC151 mA
    • N°1 chlorine cell (Pt-Cu) complete with flow sensor and regulator (cod. ADCG5F)
    • pH electrode
    • Buffer solutions
    • Temperature probes and 2-level probes
    • Pt-Cu probe for PPM chlorine reading
    • Power supply 220-230V 50/60Hz

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CODE                     DESCRIPTION
ADPTE01       A-POOL TOP EVO 10-04/04-10 PH-CL 230V
ADPTE02      A-POOL TOP EVO 20-03/03-20 PH-CL 230V


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