Air Blower (AQUA)

  • A user-friendly, maintenance-free, environmentally safe side channel blower with contactless impellers and a fan-cooled motor.
  • Lightweight cast aluminium construction compatible with vertical and horizontal mounting.
  • Very low consumption of energy and quiet operation with variable speed controls.
  • Used with 50/60 Hz frequency motors that have class H insulation and IP55 protection standards.
  • Built-in overheating protection and CE, UL, and CSA certifications.

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CODE                                                    DESCRIPTION
ASC0080-1MA370-1            AIR BLOWER 0.37KW 230V 1 PHASE
ASC0140-1MA800-1            AIR BLOWER 0.8KW 230V 1 PHASE
ASC0210-1MA111-1              AIR BLOWER 1.1KW 230V 1 PHASE
ASC0270-1MA151-1             AIR BLOWER 1.5KW 230V 1 PHASE
ASC0315-1MA221-1             AIR BLOWER 2.2KW 230V 1 PHASE
ASC0080-1MT400-6          AIR BLOWER 0.4KW Y 345-415V Δ 200-240 3 PHASE
ASC0140-1MT850-6           AIR BLOWER 0.85KW Y 345-415V Δ 200-240 3 PHASE
ASC0210-1MT131-6            AIR BLOWER 1.3KW Y 345-415V Δ 200-240 3 PHASE
ASC0270-1MT131-6            AIR BLOWER 1.2KW Y 345-415V Δ 200-240 3 PHASE
ASC0315-1MT221-6            AIR BLOWER 2.2KW Y 345-415V Δ 200-240 3 PHASE

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