Fountain Pumps (AQUA)

Fountain Pumps

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CODE                                        DESCRIPTION

AQPF10-10-1.55        FOUNTAIN PUMPS 0.55KW, FLOW10M/H
AQPF15-7-0.55          FOUNTAIN PUMPS 0.55KW, FLOW15M/H
AQPF15-10-0.75         FOUNTAIN PUMPS 0.75KW, FLOW15M/H
AQPF25-6-0.75         FOUNTAIN PUMPS 0.75KW, FLOW25M/H
AQPF10-13-0.75        FOUNTAIN PUMPS 0.75KW, FLOW10M/H
AQPF25-9-1.1             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 1.1KW, FLOW 25M/H
AQPF10-6-1.1          FOUNTAIN PUMPS 1.1KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF25-12-1.5          FOUNTAIN PUMPS 1.5KW, FLOW 25M/H
AQPF40-8-1.5           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 1.5KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF25-17-2.2          FOUNTAIN PUMPS 2.2KW, FLOW 25M/H
AQPF65-7-2.2           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 2.2KW, FLOW 65M/H
AQPF15-26-2.2         FOUNTAIN PUMPS 2.2KW, FLOW 15M/H
AQPF20-20-2.2         FOUNTAIN PUMPS 2.2KW, FLOW 20M/H
AQPF100-5-2.2           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 2.2KW, FLOW 100M/H
AQPF40-16-3             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF40-18-3               FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF45-16-3            FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 45M/H
AQPF65-10-3            FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 65M/H
AQPF25-25-3           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 25M/H
AQPF22-28-3              FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 22M/H
AQPF50-13-3              FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 50M/H
AQPF32-20-3           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 32M/H
AQPF100-7-3             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 100M/H
AQPF15-34/2-3             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 15M/H
AQPF20-30/2-3         FOUNTAIN PUMPS 3KW, FLOW 20M/H
AQPF40-21-4                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF65-13-4                 FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 65M/H
AQPF80-12-4              FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 80M/H
AQPF100-9-4                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 100M/H
AQPF20-40/2-4            FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 20M/H
AQPF25-34/2-4            FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 24M/H
AQPF30-26/2-4           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 30M/H
AQPF20-36/2-4           FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 20M/H
AQPF15-52/3-4                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 4KW, FLOW 15M/H
AQPF45-25-5.5                 FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW 45M/H
AQPF40-28-5.5                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF60-20-5.5               FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW 60M/H
AQPF65-18-5.5                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW 65M/H
AQPF40-30/2-55             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW40M/H
AQPF30-38/2-5.5             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW30M/H
AQPF30-36/2-5.5             FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW30M/H
AQPF30-40/3-5.5              FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW30M/H
AQPF25-44/2-5.5              FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW25M/H
AQPF20-50/3-5.5              FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW20M/H
AQPF16-65/4-5.5                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW15M/H
AQPF120-10-5.5                 FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW120M/H
AQPF100-12-5.5               FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW100M/H
AQPF220-5-5.5                 FOUNTAIN PUMPS 5.5KW, FLOW220M/H
AQPF65-25-7.5                  FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW65M/H
AQPF80-24-7.5                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW80M/H
AQPF40-40/2-7.5               FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 40M/H
AQPF25-56/3-7.5                   FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 25M/H
AQPF50-36/3-7.5                 FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 50M/H
AQPF30-54/3-7.5                FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 30M/H
AQPF30-50/3-7.5               FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 30M/H
AQPF20-75/3-7.5               FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 20M/H
AQPF25-60/3-7.5                   FOUNTAIN PUMPS 7.5KW, FLOW 25M/H

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