Self-Priming Pump “Optima Series”

  • Optima self-priming pumps are silent electrical pumps with large built-in pre-filters for filtering large amounts of water.
  • Primed with a transparent polycarbonate lid for proper observation of the filtration and an aluminum base for stability.
  • Sealed structure to ensure no contact of water with the motor.
  • The pump body and most of its components are made up of polypropylene and enhanced with fiberglass making it durable and resistant to chemical products.
  • Comes with a stainless steel AISI-314 shaft.
  • Carbon ceramic and stainless steel AISI-316 mechanical seal and AISI-304 stainless steel bolts.
  • Optima pumps offer two possible connections,
    • A connection for PVC pipe Ø50 to glue.
    • 1.5” female thread.
  • Fitted with a standard asynchronous motor of 50Hz with IP-55 protection, sealing it from external ventilation.
  • Standard class F insulation.
  • Circulations of 2900 R.P.M.

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CODE                                                         DESCRIPTION

OPT-025M                                              OPTIMA PUMP 0.25HP SINGLE PHASE

OPT-025T                                                OPTIMA PUMP 0.25HP THREE PHASE

OPT-033M                                              OPTIMA PUMP 0.33HP SINGLE PHASE

OPT-033T                                               OPTIMA PUMP 0.33HP THREE PHASE

OPT-050M                                              OPTIMA PUMP 0.50HP SINGLE PHASE

OPT-050T                                               OPTIMA PUMP 0.50HP THREE PHASE

OPT-075M                                              OPTIMA PUMP 0.75HP SINGLE PHASE

OPT-075T                                               OPTIMA PUMP 0.75HP THREE PHASE

OPT-100M                                              OPTIMA PUMP 0.95HP SINGLE PHASE

OPT-100T                                               OPTIMA PUMP 0.95HP THREE PHASE


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