Side-Mounted Aster Filter

  • Laminated polyester and fiberglass 
  • Easy-to-use boltless lid and a strong polypropylene base.
  • Primed with a pressure gauge, water drainage plug, and a 6+1 multiport valve for backwash, rinse, recirculate, and waste.
  • Ability to function at a maximum working pressure of 2.5kg/cm2.
  • Aster filters have a filtration velocity of 50m3/h/m2.
  • Stand out characteristic of a being equipped with a polyester/fiberglass resin sand filter.
  • Fitted with a 1’’ diameter collector and diffuser made with PVC and PP.



  • Monobloc comes with aster filters of diameters 350, 450, and 600 mm.
  • These monoblocs come with a polypropylene base, side-mounted selector valve, self-priming sprint pumps, etc.
  • Easy assembly and precise fitting.Aster pumps come as a pre-assembled unit.

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Code                             Description

00497             Side filter 5,000 l/h Ø350 mm outlets 1½”

00497AN       Side filter 5,000 l/h Ø350 mm outlets 1½”

00498             Side filter 8,000 l/h Ø450 mm outlets 1½”

00498AN       Side filter 8,000 l/h Ø450 mm outlets 1½”

00499             Side filter 14,000 l/h Ø600 mm outlets 1½”

00499AN       Side filter 14,000 l/h Ø600 mm outlets 1½”

00500             Side filter 21,000 l/h Ø750 mm outlets 2”

00501             Without valve 31,000 l/h Ø900 mm 2½” connections

08133             Side filter 32,000 l/h Ø900 mm 2” connections

19781              Lateral filter 9,000 l/h Ø500 mm outlets 1½”

21071              Side filter 15,000 l/h Ø650 mm outlets 1½”

28479             Side filter 18,000 l/h Ø680 mm outlets 1½”

40964             Side filter 25,000 l/h Ø800 mm 2” outlets

40965             Side filter 35,000 l/h Ø950 mm 2” outlets

32706             Side filter 12,000 l/h Ø550 mm outlets 1½”


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