Solenoid Driven Dosing Pump – HC200-Rx (AQUA)

  • This is an electromagnetic pump with a built-in Rx reading tool used for proportional dosing of acid/alkaline in private pools.
  • High flow rate
  • Mechanic run adjustment
  • Power supply 220-230V 50/60Hz
  • Compatible with a level probe
  • Measurement Range 0-999mV 
  • The kit contains:
    • Rx electrodes
    • Suction/Injection pipe 
    • Buffer solutions
    • Probe holders G 0.5” and collar bracket for DN50 pipe
    • Wall fixings and dowels
    • Injector valve
    • Foot filters
  • Standards:
    •  No. 2004/108/CE EMC directive
    •  No. 2006/95/CE “DBT low voltage directive”
    •  No. 2011/65/UE, 2002/96/CE “RoHS and WEEE directives”

Guarantee Safe Checkout


CODE                                              DESCRIPTION
AD2300418000R000       HC200 PH/RX 04.18 230V PP-GL-VT KIT RX INCLUDED
AD2301010000R000       HC200 PH/RX 10.10 230V PP-GL-VT KIT RX INCLUDED
AD2301503000R000       HC200 PH/RX 15.03 230V PP-GL-VT KIT RXINCLUDED


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