Solenoid Driven Dosing Pump – HC997 PI-MA-CLK (AQUA)

  • This is a constant flow rate multifunction dosing pump with pulse regulation ranging from minutes to weeks.
  • High flow rate
  • Equipped with a microprocessor, digital display and control. 
  • It can be programmed up to 8 times each day of the week.
  • Compatible with a level probe
  • Dosing statistics control and password protection.
  • Power supply 220-230V 50/60Hz
  • Proportional 0/4-20mA, Ppm, 1xN, 1:N, 1xN (M) Ist, 1xN (M)
  • Flow rates: Proportional and Constant
  • Timer Mode: Daily and Weekly
  • Standards:
    •  No. 2004/108/CE EMC directive
    •  No. 2006/95/CE “DBT low voltage directive”
    •  No. 2011/65/UE, 2002/96/CE “RoHS and WEEE directives”

Guarantee Safe Checkout


CODE                                        DESCRIPTION
AD97100010000           HC997-1A 02-08/05-05/07-02 PVDF-PTFE-VT
AD97101010000            HC997-2A 07-04/08-02/10-00 PVDF-PTFE-VT
AD97102010000           HC997-3A 03-12/04-10/05-08 PVDF-PTFE-VT
AD97103010000           HC997-4A 10-04/12-02/14-00 PVDF-PTFE-VT
AD97107010000          HC997-5A 02-20/2,5-18/3-15 PVDF-PTFE-VT


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