TARANTO – Spa Model (AQUA)


Factory model name: RX771

Allseas spas model:  OS 602

Size:  2300 x 2400 x 920mm

Seating:  4

Lounge: 2

Empty weight:  450 kg

Water capacity:  1800 Liters

Hydro-jets:  59

Air jets:  18

Control system:  Gecko

Inverter system:  No

Jet pump:  1 x two-speed 3 HP – 1 x one-speed 3 HP

Heated air blower:  Yes

Circulation pump:  1×0.5HP

Heater:  3 KW

LED large spotlight:  Yes

LED waterfall:  Yes

Perimeter LED light system:  Yes

Fitting with LED backlight:  Yes

Ozone and mixing unit:  Yes

Filtration system:  Paper / 2 x 4.65 m²

Head cushions:  4

Foam on the shell:  25 – 30 mm

Thermo lock system:  Yes

Base:  Fiberglass

Thermal cover:  Yes

Jets:  Chrome

Frame:  Treated Wood

Cabinet:  Wood Replacement

IN Stream Stereo System:  No

IN Touch WiFi Module:  Optional

Roll deck:  Optional

Maximum Power Input:  4808 W

Packing: Plastic Zipper Bag

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CODE                                DESCRIPTION
TARANTO              SPA SKIMMER 2300 x 2400 x 920MM – 4 SEAT(S) 2 LAUNGER(S)

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