Top-Mounted Cantabric Filters

  • Cantabric filters are ivory-colored filters made with thermo-plastic shells designed for a wide range of pools.
  • They have the ability to filter pools ranging in size from a mere 30m3 to a whopping 240m3
  • Capable of filtering flow rates from 600l/h to 30000l/h at a filtering rate of 50m3/h/m2.
  • Their weather and chemical-resistant body make them very reliable. 
  • Available in side-mounted and top-mounted models to cover a wide variety of pools. 
  • These filters come with a standard 1.5’’, 6+1 multiport valve for 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm diameters. 
  • Moreover, a 2’’, 6+1 multiport valve for 750mm and a 2.5’’, 6+1 multiport valve for 900mm diameters.
  • Their bayonet closure makes them easy to use for different purposes like backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste, and close.
  • Cantabric filters have transparent lids that make inspection very easy.
  • Built-in collector and diffusers in the filter for constant operations.
  • A manual bleeder valve for the water of ¾’’ in sand drain plug for better drainage without losing any sand.
  • Wide range of sand drains 
    • 1.5’’ for 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm diameters.
    • 2’’ for a wider 750mm diameter.
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge for effective and efficient functionality. 
  • For a 900mm diameter, Cantabric filters come with an extra-large 225mm manhole for loading and handling. For the reaming range, there is a 177mm manhole. 


  • Cantabric filters are now available in a compact unit with Sena pumps. 
  • The top-mounted Cantabric monobloc Ø 400 with a Sena Pump is an attractive and reliable unit for easier and price installation. 
  • The base in the monobloc unit is placed next to the filter avoiding any breakage in the base.

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Code                         Description
15780         Top filter 9,000 l/h Ø 500 outlets 1 1/2″
15781          Top filter 14,000 l/h Ø 600 outlets 1 1/2
20128         Top filter 21,000 l/h Ø 750 mm outlets 11/2”
22399         Top filter 6,000 l/h Ø 400 outlets 1 1/2″
23866         Top filter 21,000 l/h Ø 750 outlets 2″



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