Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner: M-Series

  • Tell your worries goodbye with the Dolphin M-series robotic pool cleaner. Enjoy the hassle-free remote-controlled and non-intervention pool cleaning from the comfort of your chair. 
  • Dolphin robotic pool cleaner ensures tangle-free cleaning with their swivel cables. There swivel make sure that the cleaner moves freely and covers every nook and corner of the surface. 
  • These advanced and state-of-the-art cleaners come with the latest scanning software along with gyroscopic sensors to make the navigation process precise and efficient. 
  • The dual-drive motor of the cleaner offers peerless mobility regardless of the surface.
  • Dolphin cleaners have dual-level filtering capabilities. They come with a net filter for debris and an ultra-fine filter cartridge for removing rough dirt and leaving a fine and sparkling surface. 

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